Veriforce Strategic Advisory Board
Veriforce - ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)

Mr. James Junkin: "How to Prepare for an OSHA Audit "

Mr. James Junkin: "Management Gets the Culture They Deserve"

Listen to Mr. James Junkin in his presentation of: "Can You Defend Your Training" . A discussion of Orientation/Awareness training versus what osha requires.

Mr. James Junkin: "Creating a Comprehensive Safety Management System Strategy by Blending Human Performance and Behavioral Based Safety"

Mr. James Junkin: "OSHA 300, 300A, & 301, Reporting the Right Way"

Mr. James Junkin: Getting Off the Plateau - Using Human Performance and Systems Thinking to Improve Your Safety Management System

Mr. James Junkin: "8 Key Strategies to Avoid Fatalities "
Listen to industry veterans as they discuss and outline strategies for operators and contractors to more effectively manage jobsite safety, protect the workforce, and promote the organization's reputation.

Subcontractor Management
In this premier to the Subcontractor Management Webinar, Veriforce's Senior Vice President of Customer Success talks with industry experts James Junkin and David Bates about the critical importance of having full visibility into the entire supply chain and vetting subcontractors properly.

Re-Entry Essentials: Focus Areas to Support Reopening Facilities.

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Be a member of Mariner-Gulf and get access to our programs.