Listen to James Junkin's Guest Appearance on TED Speaks as he brings up conversation that will make listeners think about how different concepts and ideas are applied depending on the audience or situation at hand.

As fellow members of the Veriforce Strategic Advisory Board James Junkin and David Daniels come together to have an in depth discussion about psychological health and safety and metal health in the oil & Gas industry.

“It seems like every other day, we’re getting a new theory on workplace safety." In this passionate discussion, James covers all of the hot topics in safety today. He does this from a genuine love for his profession and a positive desire to enhance workplace safety.

Listen to James Junkin as he covers the topic of leadership on the podcast Business Black Belts.

Jason Busch, Founder and CEO of Spend Matters, sits down with James Junkin and the two discuss best practices for handling contractor challenges, the latest nationwide safety statistics, and how current supply constraints are impacting the industry.

Listen to Dr. Linda F. Martin as she sits down with James Junkin to have a candid conversation about a plethora of things related to the TRUE reason to be in the "safety business"

Re-Entry Essentials: Focus Areas to Support Reopening Facilities.

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Be a member of Mariner-Gulf and get access to our programs.