Qualified Rigger

a person wearing
Qualified Rigger (ASME B30.5; ASME B30.9, API RP 2D)

Working safely, effectively and efficiently

Working safely, effectively and efficiently is the primary focus of this course. Many types of jobs involve working with cranes to hoist loads. This work is dangerous and mistakes can cause serious accidents or even fatalities. Crane operators, riggers and laborers all need to follow safe work practices, including using equipment properly.

In this course the participant will learn safe work practices around cranes, rigging loads, and proper hand signaling. The participants will also identify slings, hooks, shackles, and turnbuckles. They will learn how to inspect rigging hardware, give clean hand signals, calculate basic load weights, find sling angles and figure sling tension. Ample time will be given for hands-on practice of all hand signals.

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