JSA/Permits to Work

JSA/Permits to Work
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This hands-on course provides knowledge of how to use, create, implement and control JSA’s for the worksite. Completing a JSA is critical for ensuring hazards are identified and corrected before the beginning of the task. During the course, students will learn how to prioritize tasks based on risk, break down each job task, identify hazards, complete a JSA and also critique previously completed JSA’s for quality. Permit to work systems are used as a control measure for high risk work activates when simple human error could lead to death, serious or disabling injuries.

For example, failing to isolate machinery before removing guards. In simple terms, it’s a formal process whereby one person, called a Permit Issuer (usually a Manager) issues a Permit to Work (PTW) to a person called a Permit Receiver (Supervisor/Worker) after both parties have checked to ensure the control measures identified by risk assessment are in place and functioning. The Issuer would also supervise the ongoing work to ensure that the permit conditions (control measures) are being followed. Participants, through class room exercises and workshops gain knowledge on common permit to work practices to ensure safe work. 

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