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Pandemic Prepardness in Manufacturing

Majority of drivers say they would resist vaccine, COVID testing requirements from fleets

OSHA COVID-19 Mandate Effective Now: What Employers Need to Know

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Pandemic Prepardness in Manufacturing

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How To Safety Manage Workforce Re-Entry

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Five Best Practices to Protect Construction Workers During a Pandemic

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Managing a Pandemic in Real Time: Enabling Business in 2020

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Covid-19 & Ergonomics: Wait, What?

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Should Your Business Mandate COVID-19 Contractor and Employee Vaccinations?

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OSHA Citations are on the Rise: Avoid Them with Good Process Safety Management

SCOTUS Blocks OSHA ETS: What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Fall Protection: Safety Strategies and Tactics. Guidelines to Help Managers Maximize Fall Protection, Which Annually tops OSHA's List of Common Violations.

Understanding H2S Safety: How to Safeguard Your Employees with H2S Training

An Integrated Approach to Worker Safety Helps Prevent Human Error

The Crucial Ingredient to Pipeline Safety: Creating a Culture of Safety, From the Top Down

6 Steps to OSHA Pipeline Compliance

Improving Safety Performance. A Conceptual Toolbox for OSH Professionals.

Why We Must Go Beyond Awareness Level Training.

How to Improve Workplace Safety Without Sacrificing Productivity

4 Ways to Prepare for OSHA NEP on Illness and Injury

Eye-to-Eye with Hurricane: Lessons Learned From Business Owners From the Eye of the Storm

The "Dream Team": Working to Optimize Worksite Safety

Mr. James Junkin: "How to Prepare for an OSHA Audit "

Mr. James Junkin: "Management Gets the Culture They Deserve"

Listen to Mr. James Junkin in his presentation of: "Can You Defend Your Training" . A discussion of Orientation/Awareness training versus what osha requires.

Mr. James Junkin: "Creating a Comprehensive Safety Management System Strategy by Blending Human Performance and Behavioral Based Safety"

Mr. James Junkin: "OSHA 300, 300A, & 301, Reporting the Right Way"

Mr. James Junkin: Getting Off the Plateau - Using Human Performance and Systems Thinking to Improve Your Safety Management System

Mr. James Junkin: "8 Key Strategies to Avoid Fatalities "
Listen to industry veterans as they discuss and outline strategies for operators and contractors to more effectively manage jobsite safety, protect the workforce, and promote the organization's reputation.

Listen to Dr. Linda F. Martin as she sits down with James Junkin to have a candid conversation about a plethora of things related to the TRUE reason to be in the "safety business"

Jason Busch, Founder and CEO of Spend Matters, sits down with James Junkin and the two discuss best practices for handling contractor challenges, the latest nationwide safety statistics, and how current supply constraints are impacting the industry.

Safety Bytes

Tune to hear James Junkin and Linda Martin in episode 1 of Safety Bytes and learn how to receive an autographed copy of Linda Martins book "Supervisors' Safety Manual". Join our journey as we sift through multiple critical topics in each episode.

In this installment of Mariner-Gulf's Safety Bytes, we get to listen as Linda Martin and James Junkin answer the question: What are acceptable safety metrics? and How do we get to them? watch episode 2 and see.

Check out episode 3 of "Safety Bytes" with Linda F. Martin and James Junkin as they discuss incident investigations that fail to go beyond blaming the worker involved.

Tune in to episode 4 of Safety Bytes, Sponsored by Mariner-Gulf Consulting & Services. In this episode James Junkin and Linda Martin discuss certain perspective changing literature and how it can affect you in your professional development.

Check out episode 5 of Safety bytes. In this episode, Linda Martin asks James Junkin "What's the magic recipe?". As james puts it, "There's no silver bullet", but he gives great incite on how to approach your very distinctive journey to meeting your safety program's needs.

Here's episode 6 of Safety Bytes, Sponsored by Mariner-Gulf Consulting & Services. Click below to listen to James Junkin and Linda Martin discuss prequalification, subcontractor management, what they mean, and where they are an asset.

Don't miss Episode 7 of Safety Bytes where James and Linda talk about ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) questions and why safety prequalification software companies want to know the answers to those questions. Click below to hear!

Click the button below to watch James and Linda in episode 8 of Safety Bytes, powered by Mariner-Gulf, as they discuss the value of safety conferences and how to make the most of the fun informative events. This is a crucial thought as conference season ramps up!

College degree, certifications, designations, field experience.... Which matters more? Who is the more valuable safety professional? What camp gets it right? Watch Episode 9 of Safety bytes and hear a powerful short discussion that might just change your perspective if you are in "camp".

What's on your bookshelf? Click the button below to watch this installment of Safety Bytes and hear James and Linda's Discussion about the importance of having a reading list that goes beyond the scope of your technical matter. It's all here in episode 10 of Safety Bytes.

To add expand on last episode of Safety Bytes. James Junkin and Linda Martin have an insightful discussion about quotes from Dr. James Reasons' ideas around culture driven circumstances that lead to systematic errors at the task level and Dr. Sidney Dekker's writings about how the longstanding presence of shortcomings within an organization can effect the likelihood of failures at the work phase. Click below to watch episode 11!

Click below to tune into episode 12 of Safety Bytes and listen to truth-seeking critical thinker and Founder of Mariner-Gulf Consulting & Services, James Junkin and sought-after speaker and the Executive Director of Safeland Dr. Linda Martin as they take yet another look at some of the profound writings of Dr. James Reasons and discuss how it relates to safety in today's workplace.

If you enjoyed the conversation from last episode about James Reason, this is one you'll want to hear as well! Here in episode 13 of Safety Bytes, you'll hear James Junkin and Linda Martin talk through some of the powerful and provocative writings by Sydney Dekker and how the two books are foundational in to safety.

Re-Entry Essentials: Focus Areas to Support Reopening Facilities.

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